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“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

Victor Hugo.

Plug & Dream was conceived in 2014 from a simple statement: Internet of Things is already a reality transforming the way we live! Intrusive and often unattractive, they fail to be in harmony with our personal environment. Human beings are driven by this technology, that took root in our deepest habits, emptying our home living styles with its many connections and equipment standardization. As technological progress increasingly impacts our lives, more and more we will need to join technology with a human-friendly design, a connected design that takes into account our taste and sensitivity. Plug & Dream is a new generation of furniture that is connected and flexible. It can be used as a headboard or the back of a day bed, simply managed by your smartphone. This furniture has been built like a hub, managing itself with simplicity and its integrally connected objects (fabrics editors or start-up’s IOT that could be installed in a Beta test). It can also offer more elaborate scenarios than a simple on/off in order to enrich a greater human-friendly experience. For example, a person can wake up to an immersive experience such as a trip. These scenarios will be programmed by the user based upon his/her tastes, needs, and sensitivity.

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