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Designed by Loève and developed by a design thinking approach including 150 of Havas top management workers, Marty as a smart couch is the new media center, a place of individual and family habits encompassing all new kinds of behaviors and centered on free time, communication and work. The goal of Marty is to collect mass amounts of rich data and analyze it in order to help brands better cater to consumers in the future. For this, Havas (a French multinational advertising and public relations company), it’s a step ahead vision of personal data management.  

In total, Marty includes 15 connected devices and services to smart homeowners. It is also integrated with a projector, mini-fridge, 3D printer, and connected lights and beacons. Thus you can control almost every connected device such as media, home automation, entertainment, etc. from this intelligent furniture unit. And that makes it a fantastic research lab which covers all touchpoints.

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